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Launching 2024 with purpose: our leaders' strategy day

Pictured left to right: Lara Akala (Trustee), Kate Griffiths-Lambeth (Independent Advisor), Lynette Emesibe (Trustee), Sophie McBaiden (Trustee), Raz Hussain (Independent Advisor), Ralph McBaiden (Trustee)

As we dive into the new year, our leaders met to chart the course for 2024, dedicated to enriching the lives of as many young people as possible through our dynamic programmes.

The outcome? A refresh of how we deliver our activities, a strategic reorganisation of Trustee roles and responsibilities to align with the vision, and a crystal-clear roadmap guiding the year. Our mission is unwavering: to provide students with meaningful opportunities that ignite their potential and shape bright futures.

"Our strategy days are a valuable opportunity for us to reflect on the prior year, set new objectives and hold ourselves accountable to make it happen. Our leaders are united by one common purpose - to close the opportunity gap for young people through education and work experience. We're a small but impactful charity, centred around making a positive change for our young people. These annual meetings never disappoint. We all come with our ideas and we leave with the clarity and energy needed to deliver for the year." - Ralph McBaiden - Co-Founder and Trustee, Open Palm

Not only did we review our activities and plans for the year, but also how we manage risks.

“The need for a strategy day is important in ensuring accountability, decision-making, focus, adaptability and good governance. It was great to see the energy and focus on the day with the primary focus of all participants to support the charity with its overall purpose and success even when challenged on risk.” - Raz Hussain - Independent Advisor, Governance and Risk

The day also unveiled exciting prospects for our dedicated volunteers, offering them more than just a chance to give back. Proudly fostering a culture of continuous learning, we're thrilled to support our volunteers in honing skills that not only contribute to our mission but also translate to their professional lives. We identified areas for volunteers to step into leadership roles, unlocking opportunities to venture into programme management and impact reporting.

Stay tuned as we gear up to recruit for these dynamic roles in the early months of 2024, inviting passionate individuals to join us on this enriching journey of growth and impact.

Huge thanks to our partners, Charles Stanley Wealth Managers, for kindly providing the venue for the day.

We look forward to the year and to improving even more young lives. If you'd like to partner with us to support any of our programmes, please get in touch. Let's shape the future together.


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