Free accredited courses for

13-18 year olds

Focusing on employability and financial literacy

Our content contributors include professionals and entrepreneurs from a range of ethnic backgrounds to reflect the diverse perspectives of the society we live in.

WYZ® for Work has helped many of the schools we've worked with to achieve Gatsby Benchmarks including access to the workplace and work experience. 


Each of our WYZ® online courses offer a nationally recognised accreditation, regulated by ASDAN, a national accrediting body.

Our Courses

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The free online course preparing 13-18-year-olds for success in the workplace

From the classroom to your first day at work and beyond, our employability programme, will guide you for success on your career journey. Aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic teenagers, but open to all.

Join over 650 young people learning key skills for career success.

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The online course teaching 13-17 year olds how to be wiser with money

Aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic teenagers, with contributions from qualified finance professionals.

Join over 1,000 young people starting their
personal finance journey with us!

If you're 9-12 years old, you can join our WYZ
® Money Jr. course. Click 'enrol now' to get started.

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Course Feedback


I like WYZ Money because I find it interesting. I enjoyed learning about debt, mortgages and bills. I think that this will help me further on in life.


When I started the course, my knowledge about money management was very little. I now know some of the upsides and downsides of what money management is. My time so far doing this course has been great and I recommend that others try out this course and see what they can learn about money.


 I believe that WYZ Money helped me understand more about money.

I think this course is really useful because we don’t learn this kind of thing inside school.

(via parent)

 Adaeze enjoyed this course immensely and has really thrived on this. During lockdown, she lost focus and motivation with her school work. This course gave her something different and exciting to look forward to each week.

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