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Our Career Insights series

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full career series. From careers in Construction to Finance to Law and Beauty, we've got you covered!

Jeremy, an Accountant and Business Manager, shares his career journey from working in the Government to one of the world’s biggest banks. Jeremy also shares his top tip for the next generation.

Viktor breaks down what led him to set up his coaching business and he shares one thing that everyone needs.

Stacey explains why she left Law to enter the world of Midwifery. Learn what it's like to be a Midwife and what motivated Stacey to change her career!

Hear from Stephanie, a Trade Mark Attorney and Businesswoman, who shares what led her to practise law and set up her business. Stephanie also has some words of encouragement for people starting their careers.

Interviews and insights to highlight the experiences of Black and Ethnic Minority individuals, whether in the workplace or in everyday life. We also highlight the positive contributions from Ethnic Minority individuals. 

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Black history is British history. We celebrate the contributions of Black people all year round.​ We created a page with resources to educate you, your workplace, school or youth groups.

Insights on racial issues 

We raise awareness of, and analyse, impact reports, statistics and studies on issues affecting Black and Ethnic Minority individuals in the UK.

Our recent work considers:

  • the Office of National Statistics review of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on personal and economic wellbeing in Great Britain 

  • the UK Government report on homeownership in England; and

  • the Joint Committee's report on 'Black People, Racism and Human Rights' 

We also participated in:

  • the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities' open consultation on ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK

  • the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Race in Education's consultation to address racial disparities in UK education policy.

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Normalising achievement.
Empowering through representation.

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