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From the classroom to your first day at work and beyond, our employability programme, aimed at 13-18-year-olds, will guide you for success on your career journey. 

Aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Ethnic Minority young people but open to all.

Join over 650 young people learning key skills for career success.

People in various industries from diverse backgrounds share their valuable insights to help guide participants to become future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Open Palm - WYZ for Work - Tim Campbell MBE

Participants also learn practical skills to help them find and secure employment and can study at their own pace. 


There is also an option to gain a nationally recognised accreditation, great for the CV!

Open Palm - WYZ for Work accreditation

Completion of our WYZ For Work course also enables young people to apply for work experience opportunities with our partners as they become available.


Laura, Parent

Completing WYZ For Work and the Challenge was so powerful for my son, Abraham. He had a vague sense of careers before, but they seemed like distant dreams and he couldn't bridge the gap to get there. Abraham has been very positive since completing the WYZ For Work course. I can literally see a step change. Homework and schoolwork now have more purpose because he can see how this will take him to a place he wants to be.


Lisa, Participant

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to complete this programme, I feel as though I have learnt so much from this, it was interesting to complete.


Elizabeth, Participant

I feel really confident now about preparing for interviews and feel that I have the skills to do well at interviews. Also, I understand how mentors can help me in my career.


Enrolment only takes a few minutes then you can be up and running within 24 hours! Why not start your career journey here?

Upcoming opportunities

Available for young people who are on our WYZ For Work course.
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