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We have a BIG mission...

to empower young people to succeed regardless of their racial or social background. We achieve this by delivering educational life-skills programmes, improving learning environments and addressing racial inequality.

We are unique


We will improve as many lives as possible by removing racial or social barriers. We aim to reach 18K young people in 3 years. We reached 8,173 young people in our first 18 months of operating.


We have a select few initiatives so that we achieve what we set out to do and use our resources efficiently.


Our life-skills programmes are created by us and are tailored to the needs of communities we serve.


of the UK's top leadership positions are held by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals despite representing 13% of the population.


Black households are the most likely of all ethnic groups in the UK to earn less than £600 per week.

Addressing racial inequality

We're working at grassroots level to improve the statistics and equip young people for long-term success.

Our journey

We are a relatively young charity but we've done lots of positive work in our short life! Check out our first year summary.

Improving learning environments

Delivering tech and other resources to underfunded schools

Our mission is to create an equal start line for all students. We support underfunded schools to help improve their tech and other resources so that students have a fair chance to learn.

What do you wish you knew about money growing up?

We believe in teaching young people the skills to  be financially savvy as early as possible. Our programmes are aimed at young people from ethnic minority backgrounds to tackle income disparities, however they are open to all.

We created our WYZ Money programme with the help of qualified finance professionals from a range of backgrounds. Over 1,000 young people have started their personal finance journey with us.

We also offer a nationally recognised ASDAN accreditation too!

Educational life-skills

We have created free online courses and workshops to teach young people valuable skills for success, no matter where they start from.

From the classroom to your dream career!

Growing up, many of us have no idea how to match our abilities to the range of career paths out there. We want young people to be confident and prepared before they have their first interviews or start their own businesses.

We created WYZ for Work, our employability programme, to improve employment rates and ultimately tackle the lack of minority ethnic representation at boardroom level. Over 650 young people have started their employability journey with us.

We also offer a nationally recognised ASDAN accreditation and the opportunity to apply for work experience with our partners!

Work experience

We offer London-based work experience through our partners in a range of industries. From Data Analytics to Sports Coaching and Law, there's something for everyone.

These are meaningful placements that connect students with employers and employees and offer valuable access to the workplace.

Want to share what we do?

We've prepared an easily digestable summary about who we are and the work we do for you to share far and wide!

Our values. We are...


Communicating openly and honestly with our donors, beneficiaries, stakeholders and regulators. Acting with integrity.


Taking responsibility for actions and decisions​.

Welcoming challenge and learning from mistakes.


Conscious in all that we do, being mindful to act in a way that does not bring disrepute on Open Palm or anyone associated with it.


Carrying out our work with diligence, for the public benefit​. Using our resources wisely.

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