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We have a big mission


Empower people to succeed regardless of their ethnic background, through delivering educational life-skills programmes, improving learning environments and addressing racial inequality.





of the UK's top leadership
positions are held by BAME individuals
vs 13% BAME population

Less than


Black UK households are
most likely of all ethnic groups to earn

less than £400 a week

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We are also committed to improving learning environments by providing educational resources to under-funded schools in the UK and in some developing countries. Check out our first school-support initiative here.

We were founded in July 2020 and believe that every person deserves a fair opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background.

Open Palm is unique for the following reasons:​

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Our mission is to improve as many lives as possible by removing barriers for Black and Minority Ethnic individuals. We aim to reach 18.5K young people in 3 years

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We are focused on executing our initiatives well and therefore have a select few initiatives each year so we achieve what we set out to do

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Our life-skills programmes are created by us and are tailored to the needs of underrepresented communities



Where there is no wise direction, people fall. In the multitude of counsellors, there is safety.  


Communicating openly and honestly with our donors, beneficiaries, stakeholders and regulators


Acting with integrity

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Taking responsibility for actions and decisions

Welcoming challenge and learning from mistakes

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Conscious in all that we do, being mindful to act in a way that does not bring disrepute on Open Palm or anyone associated with it

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Carrying out our work with diligence, for the public benefit

Using resources wisely



Ralph McBaiden

Trustee & Co-Founder 

Chartered Accountant

Former secondary school governor

Personal Ethos: "Less talk, more action. I want to make a change"

Sophie McBaiden

Trustee & Co-Founder

Qualified Lawyer

Primary school governor and safeguarding link

Personal Ethos: "I want to do the best that I can with this life, to be of use."

Lynette Emessibe


Retired Accountant

Worked for BT for 30 plus years.

Personal Ethos: "Keen to raise self-awareness in people, helping them to realise their full potential."

Our Specialist Advisory Groups

These are specialist groups of volunteers with experience and skills relevant to the particular initiative, ranging from qualified teachers to Project Managers.


All proposed initiatives are brought to an Advisory Group for scrutiny, to ensure that each initiative delivers the best impact for beneficiaries and wider society.

Giving Back

We are committed to ensuring that our initiatives remain free of charge for beneficiaries.

Our Trustees and Advisory Groups help to reduce our operating costs by donating their time for free.

Interested in volunteering your skills to support us? Complete our form and we'll get in touch!