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We believe that each person deserves a fair opportunity to thrive, regardless of their ethnic background.

We partner with ASDAN, an education charity and awarding organisation who regulate our WYZ® courses. 

Preparing 13-18-year-olds for success in the workplace

From the classroom to your first day at work and beyond, our employability programme, will guide you for success on your career journey. Aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic teenagers, but open to all.

Join over 650 young people learning key skills for career success.

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Teaching 13-17-year olds how to be wiser with money

Aimed at Black, Mixed Heritage and Minority Ethnic teenagers, but open to all, with contributions from qualified finance professionals. Join over 1,000 young people starting their personal finance journey with us.

We also offer a shorter course for 9-12 year olds.

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Schools & Youth Groups

We've imbedded our WYZ® online courses into a number of schools to help support the PSHE curriculum and achieve GATSBY benchmarks.

These FREE programmes aim to correct socio-economic issues. 

Covering a range of life-skills, these programmes equip young people of underrepresented backgrounds for success in the future. Each programme is delivered by practising industry professionals with relevant skills.

We provide online courses and deliver workshops to individuals, schools, youth groups and youth organisations. If you are interested in partnering with us to help us widen the reach of our WYZ programmes please get in touch.

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