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Partner with us, because...
Change happens when people come together

Support our Career Insight Days

Hosting a career insight day with us creates a unique opportunity to showcase your company culture, engage with diverse talented young people, and inspire the next generation by offering valuable insights into your industry and the different career paths available.

Support with work experience places

We’re nurturing the next generation of diverse talent and that requires access to meaningful work experience opportunities. Partnering with us to help create these experiences strengthens diversity pipeline of your organisation and practically supports your organisation’s social responsibility commitments.

Work experience FAQs

What do we ask of our partners?

We need your organisation’s expertise and a commitment to ensure our young people gain meaningful insights into your company and industry. This involves making the time during the placement and having the patience to support your young candidates on their initial steps into the world of work.

How do we support our partners?

We source candidates from our target boroughs and those who have completed our employability course, WYZ For Work. We then provide a shortlist we feel would be a good-fit for your organisation. We also support the creating of a work experience plan and give guidance on best practice managing young candidates.

How long does the work experience placement need to be?

It can be as many or few days as you wish. 5 days is standard but there's nothing to say that a meaningful experience couldn't be created in a shorter time. However, we’d suggest 3 days as a minimum for placements. Any shorter and an insight day would be more practical.

What age group should the work experience be offered to?

We typically cater for 15-18 year olds but some organisations we've worked with have age minimums of 16 due to insurance restrictions. Other organisations support a younger intake. We're led by your capabilities.

Can the work experience be done remotely?

Young people value experiencing what might be their first commute to work, being in an office environment and having in-person professional interactions. We strongly advise that a large portion of the experience is in-person. Where this is not possible, we suggest any remote working days being towards the end of the experience duration. We also provide you with guidance to support remote working for young people.