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Celebrating our volunteers

In honour of Volunteers’ Week. we’re celebrating our amazing community of volunteers. With over 20 people devoting their time, energy and skills on a regular basis to support our work, and many more offering a helping hand as needed, volunteers are at the heart of our charity.

Serving young people in our local communities

We have volunteers who help across the charity, from outreach, volunteer coordination and fundraising to assisting our board and advising on our initiatives.

“I started with Open Palm shortly after they were founded and was inspired by their ambition to implement instant change, and work with young people to equip them for success in their careers and in adult life. I feel that the time I put into working with the charity is making a difference, which is very rewarding!"

"What I also love about volunteering with Open Palm is the people. Everyone is so supportive of one another. We are always encouraged to reach out with any questions or queries with our projects and there is a strong sense of community. I feel very lucky to work in such a friendly and motivated environment.”

– Isabella, Corporates & People fundraising

Recently, we held a Law Careers Insight Day with global law firm Mayer Brown. This enabled young people to meet legal professionals and develop practical skills. It was great to welcome some of our volunteers in person on the day, after months of social distancing!

Many of our volunteers came together to help organise this event and the results were fantastic. It was great to hear feedback from our young people who thoroughly enjoyed the event, and our volunteers who were able to meet each other and build a sense of community.

“Volunteering with Open Palm has given me an opportunity to connect with new people and become part of a team. You’re able to contribute to a variety of projects whilst still having your time respected.” - Ali, Marketing Strategy Lead

As society emerges from an era of lockdowns and social distancing, creating a sense of community is more important than ever.

Change happens when people come together

Volunteering is a wonderful way to help make a positive impact. From supporting with your skillset to becoming a trustee, there are a number of ways you can give back. We’re very appreciative of all our volunteers and we make sure to provide everyone with a sense of purpose and community.

"Volunteering is a fantastic way to do something fulfilling, especially if it’s a cause you hold dear to your heart. I've found that dedicating my time and skills towards helping someone or something adds more value in my life.

It may not be monetarily rewarding, but it is mentally and emotionally gratifying knowing that I'm making a difference - which is why I volunteer." – Yochebel, Volunteer Coordinator

However volunteering isn't just about giving back. There's so much to gain too. From developing more experience to boost the CV or building your network, there's a lot of upside.

“After completing my master's dissertation on the impacts of law and politics on systemic racism, I wanted to get involved first-hand with a charity that works to undo structural inequalities within the UK education system. With previous experience in higher education student services and finance, I believed that I had multiple skills to offer Open Palm. Volunteering also allowed me to further build my CV, which I believe helped me in securing a new job with an NGO" says Leila.

It’s great to see the charity support so many young individuals and it's nice to know that I have played my part in helping to develop key policies that the charity uses. I’ve already learned so many new skills with Open Palm, such as how to interview candidates, and how to network effectively. I look forward to developing these skills further and learning more about my own strengths and how best I can use them to support Open Palm.” - Leila, Assistant to the Board

We're proud to be able to offer meaningful volunteering roles that help us to serve young people and also provide our volunteers with development opportunities.

Many of our volunteers have been able to use the skills they've gained with us to help their careers. Some of our volunteering roles also gave people the experience they needed, such as Administration or Research, which helped them to secure their desired jobs.

Volunteering might have been seen as a luxury in the past but it's now a powerful way to demonstrate social responsibility, which is increasingly recognised by employers.

"Volunteering is being in the fortunate position of being able to give back and share experiences, knowing that this will help others and add value to their own personal experiences. This enables people to focus on what really matters" - Raz, Independent Advisor - Governance & Risk

The UK Government's Community Life Survey showed that 62% of adults who responded (approx. 28M people in England) have volunteered in some way during 2020-2021. Half of those who volunteered said they were motivated to do something and help people. This goes to show the important role that volunteering plays in society.

Volunteer with us

If you're interested in using your skills for good, why not consider volunteering with us?

"The reason that I decided to volunteer for Open Palm is because I am passionate about addressing racial inequality and giving children and young people better opportunities in life. My main motivation to keep volunteering is that I'm helping others. Be it big or small, I am making a difference. And my favourite thing about volunteering is building on my skill set and meeting new people." - Ayesha, Coordination Lead for Project Enlighten

The importance of volunteering is recognised by all of us at Open Palm. We wouldn't have been able to deliver the same impact without our volunteers.

Charities play a vital role in delivering important services to society. Our mission, to create an equal start line for young people regardless of their ethnic or social background, is achievable because of the tireless efforts of our volunteers.

"Volunteering with Open Palm has been hugely rewarding when you observe the great benefits that the young people enjoy, not just from completing our WYZ courses but knowing that the life skills they are being taught will be beneficial for years to come." - Lynette, Trustee

A big thank you to all our volunteers for your incredible contribution to the charity and your continued support!

Interested in volunteering with us? Whether you're looking for a one-off opportunity or something more regular, we'd love to hear from you. Join us today!


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