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Tech for tomorrow: transforming learning at Oaklands school with Monzo

Pictured - Oaklands school teacher Abu and students, with Open Palm trustee Lara

Our ongoing collaboration with Monzo Bank reaches its newest milestone! We're thrilled to have coordinated a donation from Monzo of 12 sleek MacBooks to Oaklands School on 23 April 2024. Located in the bustling hub of Bethnal Green, London, these laptops will transform the learning experience for students.

Thanks to Monzo's unwavering support, Oaklands students now have access to high quality technology to unlock endless possibilities in the classroom and beyond.

"At Monzo our mission is to make money work for everyone, and we're always looking for ways we can positively impact our customers' lives as well as our wider community. Since 2020 we've partnered with Open Palm to support under-funded schools and promote racial equality, by responsibly repurposing tech that we no longer use. Knowing schools like Oakland are able to make use of the equipment with their students makes this donation programme extra meaningful, and something we want to do to continue to support young people to access technology." - Natalie Ledward - Head of Vulnerability, Access & Inclusion, Monzo Bank

We have now supported 4 schools with Monzo and 6 under our Project Spark programme more broadly.

"These devices will assist many students who have no laptops or computers to do work at home. In the economic climate with many families facing financial challenges, this is a great help." - Abu Miah - Pastoral Team Lead, Oaklands school

"I've come from a deprived background and having things such as a laptop was a dream for me when I was young. Now to be working with them daily is a blessing. If I can contribute to helping any group of young people, with charities, getting them access to vital tools to help them with their education/life, younger me would be very proud." - Sean Karuru - TechOps Support, Monzo Bank

Our Project Spark programme provides critical tech support to under-funded schools, ensuring that no student is left behind. With a focus on schools in areas with high levels of economic disadvantage, we work with corporate partners to divert surplus tech to schools. Our impactful collaboration with Monzo has benefitted over 2,000 students through 4 school donations. Through this, we help to extend the useful life of pre-loved devices and strengthen school's tech capabilities in the process.

As a charity improving the lives of young people regardless of their ethnic or social background, our mission is to create an equal start line so that every student has the opportunity and environment to thrive.

"We believe that every young person deserves access to the tools that will empower them to succeed in the digital world. With this donation, we're not just providing laptops; we're opening doors to opportunities and igniting potential. Huge thanks to Monzo for helping to support our commitment to creating and fostering a learning environment that equips youth for the future. - Ralph McBaiden, Co-Founder and Trustee at Open Palm

If your organisation has surplus tech that can benefit a school, we welcome you to get in touch.


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