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Launching our 'Calcul8 for Schools' initiative

Pictured: students of Mulberry School for Girls, celebrating a donation from Open Palm in December 2023

We're equipping schools so that no student is left behind. We're pledging to donate at least 1,000 calculators to schools in England in 2024. This will help students across multiple subjects and exams - whether in Maths, Science or beyond.

Our mission is to create an equal start line for all students, recognising the critical role that education plays in shaping futures. As we gear up for the next academic school year, our 'Calcul8 for Schools' initiative will see at least 1,000 calculators provided to schools. To plug the opportunity gap that disadvantaged students face, we’re focusing on students in areas across England with a high level of ethnic diversity and a significant number of students on free school meals.

Unleashing the power of learning, together

A simple calculator is a gateway to unlocking boundless potential! Access to basic educational tools like calculators can significantly enhance students' understanding and performance in mathematics and sciences, especially in underserved communities. Our initiative is not merely about arithmetic; it's a bold step towards levelling the playing field and igniting a passion for STEM subjects.

Partner with us to make sure each student is equipped to tackle the core subjects with confidence and curiosity. Because in our hands, calculators aren't just devices; they're catalysts for educational empowerment!

Together, we can make a difference. This is more than just a donation; it's a partnership for progress. You'll not only be contributing to the academic success of students today but also investing in the leaders of tomorrow.

If you're a company or organisation that would like to partner through a donation or make an enquiry, we'd love to hear from you:


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