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Open Palm delivers WYZ Money workshop to Unitas youth group

On 11 September 2021, we had the pleasure of delivering our WYZ Money personal finance workshop to a brilliant group of 13-16 year olds at Unitas Youth Zone, Barnet.

This amazing group of young people had great aspirations, ranging from running a sound engineering company to studying Law & Finance at University.

Despite competing with a sunny Saturday afternoon, and a fun fare right outside the facility, the engagement was high!

We were impressed with how interested the group was in learning about the topic of personal finance.

Pictured: representatives from Open Palm and Unitas Youth Zone

Thought-provoking questions

Questions came flying in during our personal finance discussion. Two that stood out to us were:

Does the Queen pay taxes?

For those wondering: unlike the rest of us, she does not have to. However, the Queen voluntarily pays a sum equivalent to income tax on her private income.

If you work for the Government, do you still have to pay taxes?

Great thinking there, but the answer is still yes. None of us can get away from taxes that easily!

Despite competing with a very sunny day, the young people were so engaged that we ran over time. There were lots of practical questions, some of which included how to get into the Finance sector and put this newfound knowledge into practice.


The young people provided great feedback after the session. Here's what Gabriel said:

Unitas' facilities for young people

Unitas' young people have access to superb facilities such as a gym, music studio, enterprise zone, kitchen, sports hall, climbing wall and boxing ring all under one roof! It doesn’t finish there. On top of the roof is their very own artificial football pitch, with all facilities run by a dedicated group of youth coordinators.

Future leaders

We couldn’t leave without participating in an interview to support a Unitas-run podcast. This was filmed and photographed by the same talented young people that participated in the WYZ Money workshop.

It was great to see that everyone was so excited to take their learning further and enrol on to our full WYZ Money course afterwards.

We look forward to welcoming the group on to our courses and supporting them to achieve very bright futures.


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