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Open Palm delivers financial education to Year 8s through WYZ Money workshop

Open Palm at Harris Boys Academy

On 25 June 2021, we delivered our WYZ Money financial literacy workshop to a great group of Y8 students at Harris Boys' Academy. Our workshop covered some key personal finance topics, including budgeting and ways to become wiser with money.

Not your average workshop

Our WYZ workshops are always interactive sessions. This workshop did not disappoint!

The students were super-engaged, with many students asking thought-provoking questions throughout the session. We were blown away by the students' positive attitude to becoming more financially literate, especially as they transition to young adults. Some students stayed behind after the session to ask more questions and share their feedback.

We're delighted to have been able to work with and support this wonderful group of students and we look forward to working further with Harris Boys and its students in future.

What the students said...

"This workshop is a great way of educating students in schools about finance and how to spend their money. It explains everything from financial literacy to taxes and investments. This is truly a wonderful way to engage students who are in the real world about how they should take care of themselves financially." Mosa, Year 8

"I have learnt so much in this workshop, and gained great insight into the world of money. Due to this sensational workshop, I will be fully fledged to immerse myself in the economic world! This experience has been thoroughly fantastic, and I think I will be able to handle my money more efficiently than before!" AbdurRahim, Year 8

"Amazing. Creative. Educating. I love how interactive they were, always taking comments and going into depth to answer our questions. They worked the room perfectly always keeping the attention of the crowd. Finally, they provide websites to go to for further interest within finance. Would definitely recommend." Syria, Year 8

Huge thanks to the team at Harris Boys for having us and to the students for their great participation!

Preparing young people for success in the future

Our mission is to deliver life-skills education to as many young people as possible, to equip them for success.

Our courses are delivered online, offer a nationally-recognised accreditation and young people can work at their own pace. Our courses are completely free of charge for young people.

If you are interested in using our WYZ courses to support your child, students or youth groups, please enrol or get in touch at to arrange larger groups.


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