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My first impressions as a Charles Stanley Apprentice

I began my journey at Charles Stanley on the 5th of September 2022. I am a Middle Office Apprentice, working in the dividends department. As an apprentice, I will be learning how to use the departmental systems confidently, building new relationships within the workplace (and my team) whilst also gaining my Level 3 Investment Operations Technician qualification.

My usual day will start by getting logged onto my laptop and all the systems I will use throughout the day; I then check my calendar to see if I have any assessments due for the day or to see if I need to be in attendance for any meetings. Once I have completed those tasks, I then move on to checking my emails and then writing a to-do list for the day so that I am able to stay on track with what I need to accomplish. After I have done that, I start my first task of the day.

My first impressions of Charles Stanley have been positive! I felt welcomed by all members of Charles Stanley and everyone has made the effort to familiarise themselves, which has made me feel a lot more comfortable.

As an apprentice, I was worried about joining such a big company but I feel confident in the decision I've made and I am happy to see all the support and future opportunities I have at Charles Stanley.

In a company, I value:
  • Fairness – this is important as I'd like to be treated with an equal amount of respect as everybody else.

  • Growth – I'd like to be presented with opportunities that will allow me to progress further within my career.

  • Drive & Passion – I'd like to work for a company that takes pride in themselves and always aims to grow and introduce new ideas for the benefit of the company.

  • Compassion – I believe that all employees should feel valued, heard and cared for whilst working for a company.

In my role so far, I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning how to use the different systems within my department. I am excited to challenge myself and see how much I can learn from everyone in my team.

Something interesting about myself is that growing up, I did several extra-curricular activities – performing arts and dance (street dance and contemporary) being some of my favourite things to do. Through having a passion for these things, it allowed me to gain recognition from agencies which opened up the opportunity for me to perform in West End shows.

I also did 800m running competitively and played steel pans!


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