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Masterclass with Charles Stanley & Open Palm - helping young people find opportunities on LinkedIn

We marked National Apprenticeship Week 2022 by delivering a LinkedIn Masterclass with the Marketing team at Charles Stanley, a leading Wealth Management firm. The interactive session took place online and we welcomed students aged between 14-18 across various schools and colleges.

The session looked at what apprenticeships are and what makes them unique. Students learnt from Marketing experts about how to create a strong profile, avoid common pitfalls, network and find great opportunities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network and is increasingly used to advertise and find jobs. Students learnt how to use the platform to find and research apprenticeships and connect with people already working at the target organisation.

Developing skills and confidence for the future

The session was really practical and taught young people how to maximise their potential on LinkedIn. Students asked lots of great questions about the platform and learnt that one third of people find their jobs on it!

Both the Charles Stanley Marketing team and our own volunteers shared their experiences securing jobs through LinkedIn.

Students were interested in making meaningful networks, beyond surface-level interactions on LinkedIn.

Before the session started, 49% of the group were not confident about using LinkedIn. Less than 25% of the group felt really confident about how to use the platform.

A masterclass with impact

It was great to see that young people really engaged with the session and found it useful.

By the end of the session, 87% of the group felt more confident about using LinkedIn than when they started.
"Thank you for the session. Our students really enjoyed it." - Haggerston School

We were delighted to partner with Charles Stanley to deliver this session. We hope to offer similar sessions in future.

If you'd like to hear about our upcoming events or arrange a workshop for your school or youth group, please email us at


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