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From the Metaverse to Mixed Reality in Canary Wharf

With the help of Microsoft and HSBC, we brought a group of young people to the dizzying heights of Canary Wharf to show them how technology is used in the banking sector. They received insider insights from experts and had hands-on experience of the latest tech in a business setting, well ahead of their peers.

A demo all the way from Hong Kong

The morning kicked off with a special presentation hosted by HSBC colleagues in Hong Kong via video link. They gave insights into how they're using technology to solve problems like the availability of cash in ATMs and also how voice-recognition intelligence is being used in the sector.

Next-generation tech

The group were then shown HSBC's state-of-the-art innovation space, boasting industry-leading technology. They received a demo, hosted by a colleague in India, of how banking can be used in a virtual reality space to bring together the business can customers in a new environment. The room also boasted best-in-class meeting room screens, capable of showcasing a variety of content.

"I really like how technology is advancing and how technology is going to take over the world in the future. I learned many new things, for example how the Metaverse is going to evolve in the future and be part of our day-to-day lives." - Sinjini (student)

Mixed reality with Microsoft

Enter Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world, to demonstrate their latest HoloLens mixed reality headset. As the name suggests, mixed reality merges the virtual world with reality. Our young people got to amazing opportunity to try the technology first hand and learn about its practical applications in business.

Our young people also learnt about the varied nature of jobs at Microsoft and the different entry routes into the sector. A report pulled together by the Institute for the Future and Dell technologies estimates that 85 per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet. That means it's vital for young people to keep up with growing sectors and develop skills for the future.

"I found today really interesting, learning about different career paths in I.T. and Banking. I really enjoyed the virtual reality stuff we did in innovation and how you can meet with people in virtual reality. I also liked the mixed-reality we learnt about and how Microsoft link with HSBC and how different departments work together." - Ahmad (student)

Graduates share their stories

HSBC graduates joined the networking conversation and shared their first-hand experience of their career journey so far. Being only a few years ahead of our young people, they spoke about various journeys they took and what typical days in their roles involved.

"My favourite part was the networking. I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know people from different backgrounds. I found it quite eye opening to see people's different journeys into the industry. There was someone from art and music, people from engineering....and I appreciated the opportunity to learn and understand that knowledge." - Trevay (student)

Open Palm - I.T. & Banking Careers Insight Day - Work experience

One step ahead on recruitment

We couldn't let the young people leave without developing employability skills for the future. They received top tips from the Tech Recruitment team about how to submit a stellar application and also learnt about upcoming opportunities. This was a great opportunity to ask questions of the Recruitment team and receive bespoke support.

"Banking and technology is the future, so coming here has given me a head start. If I wanted to do an apprenticeship I've got the contacts and the people that came to talk with us I can use for networking.... I wasn't trying to miss that!" - Rhema (student)

Creating an equal start line

Our mission continues to create an equal start line so that no one is left behind, regardless of their ethnic or social background. Our insight days and work experience opportunities with leading organisations and large employers such as these inspire young people to believe they can and also build a diverse pipeline of leaders for the future.

Missed out on this opportunity? You can sign up to our free WYZ For Work course today, which allows you to access our next set of work experience opportunities.


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