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Shining a light on Tech careers

Open Palm - Shining a light on tech careers - Station 10

Ask the average person what comes to mind when they think about the Tech sector. They might think about Maths or a person sitting in a dark basement full of servers. They might also think about coding.

Fewer people might realise that the Tech sector is much broader than that – from analysing data to problem-solving and predicting trends, Tech has a lot to offer…and not just to Maths enthusiasts!

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that a career in Tech can be varied and broad or is open to all, from all backgrounds, ethnicities and walks of life. As the world becomes more Tech-focused, there’s huge opportunities for long and meaningful careers.

“How data is used by businesses and institutions around the globe defines many of our digital experiences as customers and citizens. Data is critical to businesses success and we help them use data most effectively.” – Station 10

We’ve teamed up with Station 10 to support our employability course WYZ For Work. Station 10 are experts in analysing omnichannel data to improve experiences; decoding society, businesses and people to unearth valuable insights into customers.

David Ellis, Managing Director at Station 10 commented "There is a challenge in helping young people consider a career in Digital and Data, particularly young women and those from disadvantaged backgrounds."

In this video, which also features on the WYZ For Work course, Station 10 explores the Data sector, clears up some common myths and shares just how exciting a career in Data can be.

Watch the full video below.

Visit Station 10's website for further information on entering Data careers.

WYZ For Work teaches skills for career success and also allows participants to gain an accreditation and be able to apply for work experience with our partners.

Open Palm - WYZ For Work course

Work experience partnership

We are delighted that Station 10 will be partnering with Open Palm to offer work experience opportunities.

Complete the WYZ For Work course to be eligible to apply for these opportunities with Station 10.

Click here to enrol on the free WYZ For Work course.


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