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A dive into the business world with AlixPartners: our career insight day

In collaboration with AlixPartners, a leading consultancy firm, we delivered a spectacular Business Career Insight Day that left a lasting impact on 30 ambitious students. The heart of London's financial hub, the City of London, hosted an engaging day filled with dynamic activities, immersive problem-solving, and invaluable networking.

The event kicked off with inspiring talks from the brilliant minds at AlixPartners, who generously shared the secrets of their career journeys and the wisdom acquired along the way. A highlight of the day was a challenging problem-solving activity, where students delved into a real-world business dilemma. Armed with their mathematical and business skills, students tackled complex issues, showcasing the power of academia in solving business problems.

"I found the day really interesting. The business problem-solving activity was good because it was an issue that's faced in the current consulting market. I liked networking with my peers and I now know that consulting is a good career to go into." - Leonard, Student

"It was amazing to see so much zeal and intelligence in the room. The young people really went above and beyond to come up with great solutions to the case study. From a trustee's perspective, seeing so many students show interest in AlixPartners, and consulting as a whole, was really fulfilling." - Lara Akala, Trustee at Open Palm

For students engaged in subjects like Business, Economics, or Mathematics, the event was an eye-opener. It revealed how the theory of these subjects integrates into daily business operations.

"Collaborating closely with corporate partners, we create exceptional programs that not only benefit students but also elevate their professional profiles. The AlixPartners career insight day developed practical skills that are not just useful; they are essential in the fast-paced world of business, giving our students a competitive edge."- Sophie McBaiden, Trustee and Co-Founder at Open Palm

Consultancy, as shown by AlixPartners, is a dynamic field where concepts from Business Studies and Mathematics are not just academic exercises but powerful tools guiding businesses toward success. Seeing these subjects come to life in such a practical context sparked the imagination of students, igniting aspirations for their future careers.

“Meeting the talent of tomorrow is always an enriching way to spend a day, and the cohort from Open Palm certainly demonstrated this in abundance. AlixPartners is committed to ensuring that everybody has the opportunity to showcase these talents to a wide range of potential employers.” – Simon Caton, Partner, AlixPartners
“AlixPartners works with Open Palm because their work aligns with our values as a business. Breaking down barriers to make the management consulting field more accessible is key to building a more inclusive workforce, and our collective involvement in this career insight day is a marker of progress.” – Lukas Weber, Vice President, AlixPartners

We're committed to closing the opportunity gap for young people who are underrepresented due to their racial or socio-economic background. Our career events and work experience programmes, powered by our partners, provide game-changing access to top employers. This enables students to expand their networks and equip themselves with skills essential for future success.

"I'd rate this event 10 out of 10. Interacting with the Managing Board at AlixPartners was really good. Although they were really senior, they were relatable. I'd definitely come to any future AlixPartners and Open Palm events and will recommend them to my friends." - Sean, Student

We're thrilled to have impacted over 1,000 young lives so far and enhanced their employability. If you'd like to partner with us to deliver a career insight day or a work experience programme in your industry, please get in touch. Let's shape the future together.


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